About us

Rolf Diener und Stefan Freudiger are pioneers in providing dynamic spine systems.

  • Rolf Diener was one of the first having been able to manufacture highly demanding pedicle screws.
  • Stefan Freudiger was among the first, who have developed dynamic systems.
  • The today available SpineShape System-IV is the fourth system for which Stefan Freudiger is listed (co-) inventor.

The company SpineSave has dedicated itself to motion preservation implant systems and offers to the surgeon solutions, which on one hand are based on proven methods and on the other hand are featured with stepwise innovations.

SpineSave considers itself a partner of the operating physician and feels committed to the patient, who's disease and impairments shall be improved or compensated by SpineSave products.

  • At this point, our credo reads: We do not bring products to market, which we would not implant into our own body or the body of our relatives.

For allowing the surgeon to achieve the best possible result for his patient, SpineSave is at any time available to its customers for presentations, training or assistance.